Warner Bros to reboot Batman. Wait, what?

Switch your incredulity glands to ‘spurt’, the rumours are true; with the release of The Dark Knight Rises well over a year away, Warner Bros are already planning ANOTHER Batman reboot. Chris Nolan has long stated that he would only ever make three Batman films, but with Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot on the horizon and a Justice League film scheduled for 2013, WB are clearly keen to keep the ball rolling.

Nolan and his wife/producer Emma Thomas will remain onboard as producers, but if the new Batman is to exist in the same world as the Justice League then Nolan’s ultra-realistic take on Gotham and its various superpersons will have to be ditched – supervillains who are just inventive psychos pale into insignificance rather when Alien Jewellery Boy and The Elongated Man (no, really) pitch up. This really is all very silly…

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