We Need To Talk About Kevin film planned

As the mega-success of The Lovely Bones revealed, there’s big money to be made in an adaptation of a classic weepy. Lynne Ramsey and actress Tilda Swinton have revealed that they plan to turn Lionel Shriver’s bestselling novel We Need To Talk About Kevin into a motion picture.

Director Ramsey actually wrote the original script for The Lovely Bones, but it was shelved in favour of a more crowd-pleasing version when Peter Jackson got on board. So it’ll be interested to see what she can do un-edited. The story of We Need to Talk About Kevin centres on a series of correspondance between a mother (who Tilda will play) and father (John C Reilly, apparently), discussing the consequences of their son Kevin committing a horrific crime – a killing spree in his local school. Considering the book’s structure is based around letters, it’ll be interesting to see what angle a movie version takes, and with a budget of $10 million, they won’t fall into the ‘mega-hit’ trap that The Lovely Bones fell victim to.

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