Will The Muppets host The 2012 Oscars?

Whew. Just as we’d started to get used to the (dreadful) idea of Eddie Murphy as the host of the 2012 Oscars, the whole thing falls apart splendidly. How exciting. With Brett Ratner’s resignation as producer of the ceremony (turns out being homophobic on TV isn’t the lolz it used to be) it looks like Murphy got cold feet about the whole thing. We have to admit we’re a little relieved. Mainly because it’s not 1986. So who else could possibly play the music? Who else could light the lights? Well, since you asked…

Now, it’s not just us with a dangerous Muppet obsession. Ever since Murphy stepped down as host the internet has been practically fuzzing with puppet promotion, with a twitter account (@muppetoscars) acquiring thousands of followers over-night. The goal? Total Muppet take-over. It’s so obviously a brilliant idea that frankly, we’re a little angry with ourselves for accepting this Eddie Murphy nonsense to begin with. Approving Fan Art is popping up all over the web too (YES) and the world is looking expectantly towards new producer Brian Grazer (the man behind A Beautiful Mind and Apollo 13) for something glorious. Something like Statler and Waldorf shouting and coughing their way through the Best Actor announcement. But what will it take to make this hole-in-chair dream a reality? Stay tuned. And for now, watch this:

Like all great actresses, she hasn’t aged a day.

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