Zack Snyder looking for Superman

Brandon Routh, who had previously portrayed the¬†Kryptonian hero in Superman Returns,¬†will no doubt be disappointed at not being included in the next Superman project, but director Zack Snyder appears set to find a relatively “unknown” actor to take the reins.

Apparently the criteria Snyder is looking at for the role will be TV actors between the ages of 28 and 32 – which certainly doesn’t narrow anything down. It does however present the opportunity for someone to land the lead in yet another potential franchise. As it stands, the upcoming Superman hasn’t been coined a “one-off” job and the possibility of a moneymaking series is never far off especially in Hollywood. Between now and the June 2011 production start, I can imagine a number of hands being raised in response. Personally I think Ryan Hurst, ‘Opie’ from Sons of Anarchy, wouldn’t be a bad choice. If he lost the beard of course.

Which TV actor do you think would make the best Clark Kent?

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