Zookeeper trailer released

Kevin James is set to star in another wonderfully predictable film; Zookeeper. Playing the role of the lovable zoo keeper Griffin Keyes who just can’t seem to find love; all together now, awwww. But help is on hand in the form of the animals who can talk (now there’s an idea that hasn’t been rolled out on every possible occasion). The animals will help him gain the attention of the woman Griffin is interested in wooing… I guarantee you this will end with him falling for the other zoo keeper Kate (Rosario Dawson) who has been under his nose all along.

The trailer has been released today and it is a predictable as the plot. It is almost as if they just looked around their collection of Adam Sandler films, picked the worst bits and shoved them together to make a film. MGM must feel extra silly after paying $3 million for the script. Zookeeper is the epitome of everything that is wrong in the world.

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