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  • Top 10 animated movies of 2014

    Whether you’re looking for something beautifully animated to watch, or simply need something to drown out the screams of your insufferable offspring, 2014 has much to offer. Whether hand-drawn, computer-generated or stop-motion, here are nine animated movies to watch out for in the coming months.

  • TGIM! The London International Animation Festival

    Spread out over 11 days in multiple venues, with 300 animations from over 30 countries, the LIAF prove that cartoons aren’t just for kids. Featuring documentaries, workshops and stop-motion mindfucks from the jovial to the disturbed, this year’s festival has something for just about everyone.

  • How we all learnt to love cartoons

    For the longest time animation was simply perceived as something for kids, and wasn’t taken seriously by adults. If an animated film did in anyway achieve the hallowed ground of ‘appealing to kids and grownups alike’ it was considered a pretty rare thing. Today, animated films about toys are getting Oscar nominations and reviewers like to deal out their opinions based on one neat bit of criteria: is it any good?

  • Short Film of the Week: The Incident at Tower 37

    Animated short The Incident at Tower 37 qualified for the 2011 Oscars – and it was been released for free online yesterday (World Water Day). It follows the lone steward of a water processing station which siphons every drop of water from a once-pristine lake. When two unexpected guests arrive, the tower’s operator learns the high cost of his ignorance…

  • Yogi Bear

    If you’re looking for some kind of ‘bears shit in the woods’ joke, you’re going to have to go elsewhere. Yogi Bear is re-interpreted in this 3D CGI feature, a below-average kids film that is somewhat redeemed by its cute moral tale about the environment. Save the world, man.