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  • How To Stop Being A Loser

    What would happen if you threw the contents of Hitch, The Inbetweeners Movie and Crazy, Stupid, Love into a blender, whizzed them around for a few minutes and then poured the mixture all over your script? Why you’d get How To Stop Being A Loser of course…

  • What’s Your Number?

    What’s Your Number? tells the story of Ally Darling a woman who, upon discovering that sleeping with more then twenty men is a one-way ticket to Spinster City via Loneliness Junction, retraces her dating past in an attempt to unearth ‘the one’ she may have discarded. Of course, LOVE was waiting JUST NEXT DOOR. Predictable, yes. A fun way to waste an afternoon? Also yes.

  • Cheat Sheet: Ryan Gosling

    2011 is the year of Gosling – Ryan and his jaw are starring in Crazy, Stupid, Love (“charming” – Caroline), Drive (“pulsing” – Tash) and The Ides of March (‘probably going to be a bit dodge’ – just a guess). If we could have organised a celebratory screening of Fly Away Home we would have done, but until we perfect our microlight a Cheat Sheet will have to do…

  • Cheat Sheet: Julianne Moore

    With over a staggering 50 movies tucked under that beautiful scarlet barnet, Julianne Moore is one of the most talented, varied, and genuinely lovely actresses in the world. But what on earth do we really know about her? Exactly, you selfish hounds. So, to celebrate the release of the genuinely lovely Crazy Stupid Love, we present our guide to Miss Moore…

  • Crazy Stupid Love

    Rom-coms don’t get a great rep these days do they? Understandably, we like it when a good one comes along. Be prepared for your fondness for Emma Stone to turn into full-fledged obsession. Girls want to be her, boys want to take her home, have a chat, and then ask her tentatively to be their girlfriend.

  • Steve Carell is ready for some Crazy, Stupid Love

    …Well, that’s the name of his new project anyway.

    Carell will soon be taking a break from his sterling work in The Office US to star in a new comedy, penned by Dan Fogelman and the directors of upcoming smash I Love You Philip Morris – Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. So what’s Steve up to this time?