New trailer for Crazy Stupid Love starring Ryan Gosling’s Chest

It’s not often these days that we get genuinely excited by a rom-com (Valentine’s Day was the final straw) but Crazy Stupid Love might just be the exception. Yes it’s yet another “Steve Carell gets made over to be sexy-like” premise, but as casts go, this one is pretty strong. Carell, Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone all star, and generally speaking they’re not performers to stick with a crappy script (we’re conveniently forgetting Dinner For Schmucks, ‘K Steve?)

Take a look at the new trailer, don’t get sucked in by the cheerful Muse soundtrack and see what you reckon. And try not to be frightened by Gosling’s bafflingly immense physique.

Right? Yeah it’s not going to change the world, but it looks like a jolly enough romp. And to be honest, we can never resist Emma Stone. It’s not out till September though, so you’ve plenty of time to forget all about it till then.

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