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  • I, Anna

    I, Anna features tremendous performances by its leads, but this is not enough to sustain the viewer through a lackadaisical and uninteresting plot. Initially intriguing but ultimately forgettable, the film is never as thrilling, meaningful or insightful as it would like to be. Although it calls itself Film Noir, I, Anna is somewhere closer to beige.

  • The Sweeney

    Ray Winstone and Ben Drew team up to bring us Nick Love’s take on policing the criminal ridden streets of London. Based on the 70s cop series of the same name, The Sweeney attempts to deliver a hard hitting punch to the face but ends up turning in a limp wristed slap. Once more, with feeling Winstone.

  • Captain America: The First Avenger

    The Marvel juggernaut continues to gather pace with Captain America, its latest multi-million dollar trailer for The Avengers. Whilst this WWII epic may not have the unselfconscious clobbering grace of Thor, it delivers its payload of explosive entertainment with just enough jingoism to make you feel dirty. Rollicking good fun.