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  • Jane Eyre

    Period drama has been done and overdone; often stuffy, soppy and starring Keira Knightley playing the same role (with her eyebrows and little else). Thankfully, Cary Fukunaga’s Jane Eyre manages to avoid these period pitfalls.

  • New Spider-Man cast

    Wipe away your tears Jamie Bell, someone tell Aaron Johnson to stop waiting for the call and give Joseph Gordon-Levitt a whiskey. The new Spiderman has been cast, and it’s none of them. After much debate, many rumours and a lot of gossip, we can announce that Andrew Garfield will be donning the spidey-mask.

  • Who’s going to play Spider-Man?

    After Sony announced that Spiderman 4 was going to be scrapped in favour of a Peter Parker Preview, the first question on everyone’s minds (apart from, “really? Can’t we just think of a new idea instead?”) was, so who’s going to play him?