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  • Top 10 worst horror remakes

    Following up on our list of best horror remakes, guest blogger Richard has bitten the bullet and sat through some of the worst. Reading this blog may be cause for a little sympathetic squirming; still, at least you’ll never have to feel the real pain of seeing a classic defiled. Tedium. Silliness. Irrelevance – these films have em all!

  • Unknown

    Unknown centers around one man’s attempts to reclaim his identity. Though comparisons to Bourne Identity and Memento seem inevitable, this action thriller still manages to generate some heat.

  • The Next Three Days

    Russell Crowe uses the thin veil of circumstance to justify stomping about, shouting in various coats and getting all emotion-chinned in the utterly mad The Next Three Days. According to the posters, it co-stars Liam Neeson. He’s in one scene. Rats, sinking ship, anyone?

  • The Wildest Dream

    For explorer George Mallory, Mount Everest was to be man’s last great conquest – The Wildest Dream. But during a fateful expedition in 1924, Mallory disappeared behind a wall of cloud just a short climb away from the mountain’s peak. He was never seen alive again. Did Mallory make it to the summit 30 years earlier than the recognised record holders? This intriguing documentary intends to find out. But although watching it is by no means an uphill struggle, sadly its makers possess only a fraction of Mallory’s bravery.