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  • Top 10 Horse Cameos in Films

    To date we’ve have over 500,000 complaints from people frustrated by the lack of horses featured on our website. So in tenuous honour of Steven Spielberg’s upcoming horsefest War Horse, BFF and our trusty equine assistant Mr Jingles bring you the Top 10 Horse Moments in Films Not Specifically About Horses. Or, in other words, the Top 10 Horse Cameos.

  • Swinging with the Finkels

    If this film had come out three or four years ago, it almost certainly would have sunk Martin Freeman’s career without trace – and even as it stands, he’d better hope Peter Jackson never gets wind of it. Crude, unfunny, technically negligible and featuring an unforgivable scene starring Mandy Moore and a cucumber, this is the worst British ‘comedy’ in years.

  • Tangled

    Have you ever wondered how Disney might ultimately bridge the gap between its princess tradition and their more recent flirtations with CG? Ultimately a winning mix of The Princess and the Frog’s charm and Bolt’s comedy timing, Tangled certainly delivers on most levels – just not all of them.

  • Sneak peek at Disney’s Tangled

    Don’t get too moist in your downstairs partyhouse, this sadly isn’t a full clip of Disney’s next blockbuster. However, short as it is, this little peeklet of Tangled – Disney’s new look at the tale of Rapunzel – does let us have a nosey at the style of the film.

  • Disney Re-Names Rapunzel

    Disney has revealed – via facebook of all places – that’s it’s 2010 release based on the story of Rapunzel is going to be entitled Tangled. It could spell the end of the Disney tradition of naming their films after their central character, as it seems that the studio is worried that calling the film Rapunzel would alienate boys and prevent them from wanting to see it.