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  • New trailer for Paranormal Activity 2

    In 2009 Paranormal Activity was the surprise hit of the year, making more than $200 million after being shot for under $15,000. After a massive viral campaign and growing awareness, it was shown in cinemas all over the world, and was considered by many to be the most frightening film made in years. Now the question is, can the sequel match up?

  • Original Cast Back For Paranormal 2?

    Apparently, star of indie-horror-hit Paranormal Activity Micah Sloat is in talks to return to the sequel, which begins filming this year. For everyone who’s watched Paranormal, this may come as rather a surprise. For those who haven’t and want to, it’s probably best you ignore that last statement.

  • Paranormal Activity 2 – Yes, It’s Happening

    Paramount is going ahead with a Paranormal Activity sequel. Seemingly deaf to the film world’s exclamations that the only reason why the first one worked was because it had a 50 quid budget and wasn’t at all commercialised, the studio now has a definite director attached to the sequel, and plans to release it just before Halloween 2011.

  • The Descent: Part 2

    The gore-splattered sequel to 2005’s The Descent, which provided some genuine chills and the fuzzy feeling you get from a British film doing well, sadly isn’t quite up to the high standard set by the original.

  • Paranormal Activity

    You know us, at BestForfilm, right? Well, we’re hard, we are. Proper nails, us lot. Steely determination, nerves like copper wire, and a mind like a steel trap. Takes a lot for us to sit up and take note of a horror film, let alone have us squealing like jessies and jumping out of our seats. Will Paranormal Activity, the much hyped-shocker in the “found footage” genre, really be something new, or is it all bumf in the night?

  • Paramount Snaps Up Paranormal Director

    Just in time for the weeked, Paranormal Activity was released in th UK last week. Whether it’ll replicate its startling performance at the US box office is a matter for audiences (and if they’re brave enough to go and watch it) – but one thing’s for certain: we’ll certainly be seeing more of its now hot-property director Oren Peli.