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  • Paranormal Activity 3

    Look, Paranormal Activity, you’re a smart, scary franchise, I know you could do better than this if you applied yourself. 1988 is not a scary year, and creepy children are seriously overdone. Supernatural horror in the heart of suburbia? Sounds brilliant. Witches? Not so much.

  • Monsters

    One-to-watch Gareth Edwards makes his directorial début with Monsters, a micro-budget alien invasion movie that has been garnering (largely) positive reviews and misleading comparisons to last year’s District 9. While Monsters might not live up to the hype, that’s hardly its fault – this is a sweet but uncompromising look at humanity that doesn’t necessarily pander to the popcorn crowd.

  • Paranormal Activity 2

    The original Paranormal Activity was a great revisionist horror. Adapting Val Lewton’s classic less is more philosophy, the film dealt in suspense rather than cheap pay-offs, in drama rather than violence and in fear rather than gore. In short, it worked because the audience cared about the characters and didn’t know what was coming next. Wanna take a guess at why the sequel fails?