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  • Orange (Wednesday)s and Lemons #16

    Having said tearful goodbyes to our latest band of innocent intern dream-punchers, it’s left to the haggard founders to drag the tattered decorations of ORANGE WEDNESDAYS HURRAH out of storage, and hang them in the now silent corridors of Best For Film towers. It’s never the same, but WE MUST GO ON. Sigh. At least we’ve got Winnie the Pooh, eh?

  • Films to see in April 2011

    Oh my shit, it’s April! And it’s brought along not only Fools’ Days, sweet spring showers and the prospect of some chinless wonder marrying a Sloane, but also a batch of fresh and steaming new films – some promising, others less so. Stick around as we sift through this month’s cinematic offerings week by week and separate the fresh fish (FRESH FISH, Glen Coco!) from the distinctly murky tuna salad…

  • Top 30 (ish) Horror Films in 2011

    Escape real-life horror this 2011 with the lovely dark thrill of the cinema. We’ve got a grab-bag of the top (nearly) 30 best horror films in 2011, from franchise blockbuster to indie foreign horror. Actually, 28. We had 30 but the last two were rubbish.