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  • Killing Them Softly

    Killing Them Softly is a strange cocktail of unusually thoughtful gangsters, stylized violence and unsubtle political satire. If you can get past the wanky title, viewers may be pleasantly surprised by its thoughtful approach to grizzly topics but it is by no means the film it has been marketed to be. Think The New World with more guns.

  • Wreckage

    This serviceable scrapyard slasher has a bit of poke in the engine and a few nice body mods, but the plot’s had a few too many miles on the clock…

  • Monsters

    One-to-watch Gareth Edwards makes his directorial d├ębut with Monsters, a micro-budget alien invasion movie that has been garnering (largely) positive reviews and misleading comparisons to last year’s District 9. While Monsters might not live up to the hype, that’s hardly its fault – this is a sweet but uncompromising look at humanity that doesn’t necessarily pander to the popcorn crowd.

  • Monsters

    First-time deviser-director Gareth Edwards has been much lauded for his debut feature, a sci-fi road movie set six years after Mexico is invaded by gigantic aliens. There’s no doubt that, given the fact that he made it for less than $500,000 and edited it in his bedroom, Monsters is technically impressive – it’s just hard to appreciate his jack-of-all-trades prowess when you’re dozing off.