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  • Life in Stop Motion Animation

    Stop motion animation is by far one of the most painstaking pursuits a film maker can employ to tell a story. Yet the industry maintains many big fans, none more famous than Tim Burton, who’s currently directing a stop motion remake of his second short film; a half-hour live action about a boy and his dog titled Frankenweenie. Best for Film got to chat to Steven Warne, one of the budding animators of Burton’s project, about his love of animation.

  • Robot Chicken Star Wars

    A robot and a chicken go together like… two opposite things stuck painfully together with superglue. The chicken’s all like “cluck” and “I’m eating and stuff, no seriously I am, check me out” and the robot’s all like “I want to make ner-ner-ner robot sounds and take over the world but I can’t because half of me is a chicken”. And then we have Robot Chicken Star Wars. Which is something completely different. Are you ready? Robot… Chicken… Star… Wars. Superglue it to your brain.

  • A Town Called Panic

    You know the Cravendale adverts? You know, the stop-motion animation where a cow, a pirate and a cyclist all live together, living off milk and competing in musical statue for the last glass? Well, picture a feature length film in that style, in French and with more imagination then you could use to power the whole of Whoville and you’ve got the gloriously absurd and playful A Town Called Panic.