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  • Top 10 superhero movies of 2014

    Film fans are hypocrites. We all pretend we’re in love with French dramas and ruminative comedies about AIDS, but when you get right down to it everyone wants to be – and, therefore, to watch – a superhero. We count down the heroes who’ll be setting your pulse racing in 2014.

  • Top 10 actors who should be cast as a superhero

    There’s no such thing as a predictable superhero casting – all the best Avengers, X-Men and otherwise pumped-up persons are unlikely characters who stumble into their crime-fighting alter egos just as unexpectedly as do the actors cast to play them. With so many A-list actors now boasting a brush with superheroism on their CVs, we’ve come up with a few new suggestions…

  • Move over, Governator! Our top 5 superhero politicians

    If Arnold Schwarzenegger can turn his flirtation with politics into yet another superLAD role, why shouldn’t some of the luminaries of UK government do the same? We’ve come up with some of the most promising Parliamentarians and given them a comic book makeover; in their first public appearance, we’re proud to present the Westminster Wonders!

  • Short Film Of The Week: The Splott Division

    We enjoy giving a shout-out to any and all brilliant creative minds, especially when they’re relatively new on the scene. With this in mind, we’re happy to introduce our short film of the week: episode one of new web-series The Splott Division. It follows three Wales based superheroes, who, like the rest of us, are falling on hard times thanks to recession-based funding cuts. Funny, silly and brimming with vaguely Jewish sounding clarinets, there’s literally nothing about this we don’t like.

  • 10 Superhero films to see in 2011

    ‘Nevermore’, cried Poe’s raven. Something of a film critic, he was talking of the glut of vampire films in 2010. Will our grumpy naysayer feel the same way the same of upcoming superhero films this year? You decide. We cherry-pick 10 superhero films to see in 2011…