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  • Six Fads That Are Arguably Stunting Cinema

    Going to the cinema can be a frustrating experience – not least because of the disproportionate number of mouth-breathers championing drivel, but also thanks to the shocking lack of choice on offer. How many times must my eyes be popped? Since when was randomness any substitute for jokes? Will Spider-Man ever get past the third instalment? I explore the six fads currently crippling cinema.

  • Untitled Batman Reboot: A Reimagining Too Far?

    With Hollywood apparently caught on repeat with nothing making it past the fourth instalment unless its a decade on and eligible for an encore, I ask if the current stream of superhero reboots are necessarily a bad thing. While Christopher Nolan might be leaving Gotham, and as the Justice League may necessitate a different Batman, this reboot culture has left many more winners and losers in its wake.