Willis may join Fantastic Four cast

Rumours abound that Bruce Willis may appear in the forthcoming Fantastic Four reboot – as clobberin’ orange badman The Thing.

The 2011 film will not follow on from the two Fantastic Four flicks to have appeared in the last five years, and will instead address the story of the superhero team from its genesis – whilst working as astronauts, the Four are exposed to cosmic radiation which mutates their bodies and gives them various convenient powers.

Very little official info has emerged on the tentatively titled Fantastic Four: Reborn, but other names mooted for the big roles include Adrien Brody as Mr Fantastic, Alice Eve as the Invisible Woman and Kevin Pennington as the Human Torch. Kiefer Sutherland has also been suggested as a possible candidate for the Thing, who in this film will be entirely realised through CGI rather than a bodysuit as before. This means that on-screen appearances will probably be limited to the first few minutes of the film, with the rest of the role accomplished through voice acting along. It’s also been suggested that Stephen Moyer (True Blood) could take over as naughty supervillain Doctor Doom. We’re not sure we can be bothered again…

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