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  • The Final 6 Line Up For Captain America

    Marvel have revealed that their search for Captain America has been whittled down to just six men. The company are planning to release a nine film franchise about the famous superhero, so it’s pretty bloomin important that they choose the right man. So who are the final six? Have a look…

  • Riddick 3 Plot Revealed

    Last week saw the announcement that Riddick 3 was definitely underway, and we have to say, we’re pretty gosh darn sort of ish not really excited about it. Oh come on, it’s Riddick 3! How much more snarling can Vin Diesel have in him? A lot more, apparently. After stating that this time around the plot would go ‘back to basics’, today The Hollywood Reporter has revealed a lot more details. And it’s.. well… not exactly what we thought of when we heard ‘basics’.

  • Avatar Blows the Critics Away

    After months of speculation, debate, rumours and one of the most aggressive cinematic marketing pushes of recent memory, Avatar received its premiere last night in London. Despite a flurry of non-disclosure agreements being signed left, right and centre the press just couldn’t wait.