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  • The Top Ten Tearjerker Moments In Film

    Sometimes, just sometimes, we all need an excuse to squeeze a few tears out. It helps us prove that we’re not dead inside, for starters, and allows us to get all our angst out without anybody judging us. At least, they can’t judge us TOO harshly… here are our top ten tearjerkers, as selected by the BFF team from our film database.

  • Mini Movies: The Shawshank Redemption

    We’ve all got those films. The films we know we should have seen, but never quite got round to bothering with. And who needs yet another party ruined by crippling trivia ignorance? Certainly not you. Not after last time. That’s why we’re helpfully putting together Mini Movies – all the key points of a must-see trimmed down to its beautiful, nude essentials.