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  • The Raid

    Muscular, mean, nightmarish and brutal, The Raid delivers an unyielding onslaught of exquisitely choreographed violence, reminding us all that the thick, brawny shoot-em ups we’re used to associating with the action genre wouldn’t last a minute up against Indonesia’s glistening finest. With shades of Oldboy, Ong Bak, Reservoir Dogs and more dripping from every blood-drenched sinew, this is endurance-entertainment that isn’t afraid to push its actors and audience until its final, skull-cracking moments. Best of luck.

  • This week’s releases: the trailers

    You’re going to be using that seductive brain of yours ALL WEEK, the very least you can do is let it re-charge on a Sunday. Presenting this week’s releases in a coma-friendly format – just point your eyes towards the screen, shout “PUT THE KETTLE ON” in the direction of a minion and click to your heart’s content.