Dumb And Dumber To to Happen

It’s been talked about for nigh on twenty years now, ever since the original Dumb And Dumber made us laugh at laxative induced diarrhea and selling dead birds to blind kids, but it looks like the sequel is finally about to happen. And we mean a proper sequel this time, not the lame attempt at a prequel that Dumb and Dumberer turned out to be.

Directors of the first film and forefathers of slapstick toilet-humour The Farrelly Brothers tweeted last night that they were nearly finished working on the script, and also dropped the title for Harry and Lloyd’s latest misadventures.

In a joke title that will infuriate language purists and copywriters across the globe, the Farrelly’s have waged war on grammar nazis by titling their sequel Dumb And Dumber To. Because, you see, even though they’ve used the wrong word – because they’re just. so. dumb! – it still sounds exactly like the ‘Two’ you’d expect to see on a sequel title. Do you see what they’ve done? DO YOU?

We do, and while it’s going to pain us every time we type it out, it is at least clevererer than Dumb and Dumberer, and the sequel has another plus point over the best-forgotten prequel in looking like tempting Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels back to two of their strangely iconic roles. In particular, it will be good to see Jim Carrey’s unique brand of physical comedy again, given that he’s not anything of the like in quite some time now.

Shooting is due to begin in Spring 2013.

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