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  • Special Forces

    Eventually Special Forces turns into a damn good survival thriller set in a beautifully captured Middle Eastern landscape. It’s just a shame you have to sit through an hour of numb, generic action to get there.

  • Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

    A tacky manipulative offence? A cynical piece of emotional hack work? A shockingly brazen attempt at cashing in on 2996 dead Americans? If only it was that interesting. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is most remarkable for how utterly unengaging it manages to be.

  • Friday Drinking Game #39 – Motorcycle Movies

    With Nicholas Cage galloping back onto the screen for the long awaited (ahem) sequel to Ghost Rider this week, what better way to celebrate than with a high speed, booze fuelled marathon of motorbike classics? So, grab your buddies, a dangerous amount of alcohol and a fistful of biker flicks and get ready to lose the next six hours of your life riding the highway to a serious blackout.

  • The Slipper And The Rose

    Uncalled for reissue of lengthy, vanilla flavoured telling of Cinderella, most famous for being mocked as David Frost’s pet project in Frost/ Nixon. Nice outfits, all the same.

  • Position Among the Stars

    Leonard Retel Helmrich completes his Indonesian trilogy with a beautifully observed documentary about life in Jakarta. Using the “Single Shot Cinema” technique for which he is best known, Helmrich takes the viewer to the heart of a country with an unpredictable future though certain passages smack of dramatisation.