Mad Max: Fury Road turns truck into stupid hairy thing

Mad Max has always looked endearingly shit, and new instalment Fury Road (2013) seems set to carry the Torch of Poo in a precedent set by all those 1970s Italian road movies with wobbly tin foil golf carts and tenderly heroic moments of Templar bumming (yes, The New Barbarians, I’m so very much looking at you). Even better, Fury Road is being helmed by George Miller, who directed and wrote pretty much all the Mad Max movies. And also wrote Babe. And, er Happy Feet. And now he’s rejected animatronics in favour of a modded truck careering through the desert towards a loon-eyed Mel while being driven by a big red hairy leathery sweaty-bearded screaming baby. Or a pig. Or, why not, this is the future, a penguin. Doesn’t matter. It’s the screaming that’s important. And the trucks. And the dancing. No, not the dancing.

The only bad news, depending on how you look at it, is that Mel Gibson is sitting this one out because, he says*, he’s too busy hating on the Jews. *He doesn’t say this.

If you’re a little worried that Fury Road might end up being classy, just relax and enjoy this set photo of a Mad Max truck looking like a normal truck wearing an itchy sweater. That’s what Mad Max is all about: Trucks wearing itchy sweaters. This lovably scratchy behemoth will be driven by no less than Charlize Theron, one of the greatest actresses of our time, and surely versatile enough to bear down on Tom Hardy (the new Max) while screaming like a big red sweaty hairy baby. We bet she looks bloody good like that, all sweaty and hairy and leathery and screaming in an itchy sweater… and please excuse us. We’ll be in our bunk.

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