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  • Best Action Films 1997

    Best of the Year is back – we won’t rest until every year since the invention of the cine camera has been commemorated with a series of reductive and genre-specific blogs! This week it’s the turn of 1997. Specifically, action films from 1997. Specifically, Vincent’s favourite action films from 1997. Want to write your own Best of blog? Get in touch at [email protected]!

  • Elysium

    Beautifully shot, brilliantly conceptualised, Elysium is a thoughtful and exciting film… right up to the half way mark, where it discards its social commentary for stale action sequences that feel torn from the mid-90s. Elysium could have been an iconic moment in sci-fi movie history, but limps weakly across the finishing line in a confetti…

  • Top 10 Jackie Chan films

    Jackie Chan is undoubtedly one of the greatest martial artists in cinema history, and not just for his ability to hit stuff – his comedic timing, his ability to use props intuitively and allow himself to undergo extreme physical duress has made him a force of nature. Many know him only for his less-than-stellar Hollywood films (you can still hear the screams of innocent children in the background of Around The World In 80 Days), but when Jackie gets a hit you want to stand far back. Here’s our Top 10 Jackie Chan films EVER.

  • World War Z

    World War Z was plagued from the first day of production with hasty reshoots, the lack of an ending and the need to fly in Damon Lindelof for emergency rewrites. When you need to hire Lindelof to tidy up your screenplay, you know something’s gone wrong. Imagine our surprise then, when World War Z proved to be not only coherent but actively enjoyable. It has no where near the scope of the Max Brooks book, and is tonally uneven, but for a CGI-driven action film World War Z is above par. Prepare for your bottom to be firmly clenched.

  • Best Sci-Fi Films 2009

    Continuing our mission to catalogue the top 5 films in every single genre for the last thousand years in every single reality of the multiverse (our favourite is the universe where every person looks like Ellen Page), we at Best For Film have chose our top 5 sci-fi films from waaay back in 2012. Want to talk about your favourite five romantic comedy films of 1997, or the top dramas of 2006? Get in touch at [email protected] now!

  • The Horror Show VoD service is launched!

    The Horror Show, a Video On Demand service that launched last week, invited Best For Film down for a launch event at the exceedingly agreeable surroundings of the Prince Charles Cinema in London. Offering a comprehensive service tailored towards us weirdos who enjoy seeing socialites being sewn together arse-to-face, The Horror Show decided to celebrate its birth with a screening of the short horror film Him Indoors, followed by the 1987 Donald Cammell serial killer film White Of The Eye, which was selected and introduced by the author and film critic Kim Newman. Let’s take a look at the goods…