3D Cinema Will Cost Us More

It turns out that what we’ve all been worried about is pretty much true. According to a report by a Wall Street media analyst, we should expect price hikes of as much as 26% ahead of the release of How to Train Your Dragon, which opens in 3D around the US on Friday. Depressing stuff.

The reason for the jump in costs? It’s all that pesky 3D, much of which we’d be very happy to do without. BTIG, an international trading company, surveyed 10 cinemas in the US, finding a recent 8.3% jump for 3D locations and an increase of 9.9% for 3D Imax screens. Adult 3D tickets look likely to increase to an average $14.73 (£9.80) from $13.60, with the cost for 3D Imax screens rising to $16.63 (£11.14) from $15.13.

The increase works out as an average of about $3 (£2) in most cases. Imax prices remain higher still. But what choice to we, the consumers, have but to pay the extra? Boycott 3D films altogether? It does seem odd however that in a time where we need the escapism of the cinema to distract us from the dreadful state of the economy, we are actually paying more for the pleasure.

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