Christopher Plummer cast in Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

David Fincher continues building his Girl With the Dragon Tattoo army with the decision to cast Christopher Plummer as the film’s catalyst Henrik Vagner. Bit of Plummer in the morning? Don’t mind if we do…

With a cast that so far includes Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara, it’s beginning to look like Fincher has some pretty excellent taste when it comes to matching his Dragon cast to the written characters. Vagner is a rich old patriarch, still racked with grief about the disappearance of his great niece Harriet some forty years ago. He’s the one that gives Mikael Blomkvist (Craig) the job of solving the mystery of her disappearance.

It’s a role that requires a lot of fragility as well as serious hidden strength and determination, and we reckon Fincher’s hit the nail on the head with veteran star Plummer. The actor received his first Oscar nomination last year for his role in The Last Station and we’re sure he’s more than able to tackle this much-hyped remake.

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