First Trailer for Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey

In times of trouble, sometimes the simplest joys are the most poignant. At this particular point in time, that simple joy is MUPPETS MUPPETS BLOODY WELL MUPPETS. In case you just can’t hold on until February for the undoubtedly amazing Muppets Movie, the good people at Constance Marks Productions have brought us Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey, a feature length documentary of the man who created Elmo.

You may remember Elmo as being the fuzzy red monster who made Andrea Bocelli sing him to sleep , but to Kevin Clash, Elmo is more then just the free loving badass we’ve come to know him as. Kevin Clash is both the voice of Elmo and his creator, and in this Sundance sleeper hit he steps out of his scarlet shadow to tell his story. Personally, I always thought Elmo was a bit of an attention whore. Nevertheless, the film looks lovely, probably because its full of smiling children and muppets.

What’s your favourite thing about Jim Henson’s brain?

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