Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds team up in The Change-Up

As rumours abound that Warner Bros weren’t happy with the final effects on Reynolds’ upcoming Green Lantern, perhaps it’s best we sit back and watch him do what he does best – act the devestatingly charming fool. He’s in a new comedy with Jason Bateman, as two guys whose lives get turned UPSIDE-DOWN when they suddenly swap bodies. Yeah, we know, but trust us – it was either this or the new Green Lantern pictures, and you really don’t want to see them.

So, The Change-Up is essentially Freaky Friday for bromance-types (yep, Leslie Mann plays “wife”. Again.) Jason Bateman plays Dave; an uptight family man with a solid, fairly dull career, who constantly looks to his single friend Mitch to titillate him with his tales of debauchery. And then, suddenly, they change bodies, and it all kicks off. This sort of premise relies totally on brilliantly well-observed comedic performances, and to be fair, both Bateman and Reynolds have the chops to bring the funny. But is it really a premise worth our time? Take a look at the trailer and judge for yourselves…

Oh well, at least Olivia Wilde is in it, right?

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