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  • Identity Thief

    Seth Gordon’s directorial history is a mixed bag: he’s the man behind King of Kong the brilliant 2007 documentary about diehard video game fans but also the deeply disappointing, best forgotten, Four Christmases. Now he’s back with another mixed bag: Identity Thief. Part road movie, part buddy film, part goofball comedy, Identity Thief, manages to be an enjoyable example of all three – despite its unambitious premise and predictable plot.

  • Hit and Run

    Hit and Run may not be the funniest comedy you’ll ever see – it’s probably not the funniest comedy you’ll see this year – but it has something that lots of similarly knock-about comic adventures seem to forget to include; it’s actually likable.

  • The Change-Up

    Magic fountains activated by urine, CGI babies, toilet humour, soft porn and plenty of raucous jokes guarantee that The Change-Up will alienate most of its audience and appeal solely to the most depraved individuals amongst us.

  • Horrible Bosses

    An Apatow-eque romp without the cuddling after, Horrible Bosses chucks in loads of really naughty words and hopes to goodness it ends up controversial. The thing is, everyone’s obviously having such a brilliant time that it all just comes off as one big in-joke. Funny, crude, silly and loud – if you set your brain from kill to stun there’s a fair bit of enjoyment to be had here. I just wish they weren’t so damn pleased with themselves.