Jennifer Aniston to get her raunch on

Hypnotically bland actress Jennifer Aniston is planning to bare all in her next film, under the apparent belief that tits are an acceptable alternative to talent. Thanks for that, Kelly Brook.

Following the dreadful The Bounty Hunter and Love Happens , Aniston’s latest film is in the process of spectacularly flopping. Come-rom-com The Switch is about a 40ish single woman who inseminates herself with a turkey baster. Sounds charming, n’est-ce pas?

However, it may be light relief compared to forthcoming Judd Apatow-produced flick Wanderlust, in which Aniston has apparently made a list of all the edgy but still 15-rated things she’s never done on-screen. With this in mind, her hippie character will strip, smoke cannabis and engage in an all-girl threesome, because that’s really where the boundaries of ‘acceptable’ are these days. Aniston doesn’t care – she’s a wild-eyed loner riding the last freedom moped out of nowhere city*, and she hasn’t even told Brad when she’ll be in LA for a cheeky ‘dinner’! What an inspiration that woman is. Pfft.

*Thank you, The Young Ones. We like you. We do not like Jennifer Aniston. Is it obvious?

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