Judo Flop! Kevin James to star in another mediocre sounding comedy.

There’s enough slightly shoddy American sit-coms on TV that we all have our favourite guilty pleasure, whether it’s Everybody Hates Chris or Everybody Loves Raymond. But when the stars of such shows make it to the silver screen, the charm doesn’t always carry. No longer a presence switched off at will, before you know it they’re polluting poster space and taking up valuable trailer time. Kevin James – amiable Homer Simpson type from the occasionally amusing, King of Queens – is the latest offender. And he’s not leaving without a fight. Literally.

Yes, this is the news that James has signed up to star in an upcoming Sony Pictures comedy about “a physics teacher who moonlights as a martial arts fighter to save his school’s music program.” With the project currently untitled, might we suggest “Kung-Fu Husky”?

Having previously made his mark with 2009’s surprise box office success (why, people, why?!) Paul Blart: Mall Cop and this summer’s groan worthy Grown Ups, James has become something of a studio favourite, which means he won’t be going anywhere fast – despite that athletic physique. It looks like we’d better brace ourselves for plenty of jokes about martial farts, chubbiness, and being kicked in the nuts. That said, if the latter were offered as an alternative to watching a film with the above description, it could actually hold surprising appeal. It might even be over quick enough that we could hurry home to catch a repeat of 8 Simple Rules.

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