Martin Freeman chooses Sherlock over The Hobbit

And Sophie thought she had a difficult choice. Starring in the prequel to one of the most successful trilogies in cinematic history, or jaunting about with Benedict Cumberbatch in a new series of the truly brilliant Sherlock? Martin Freeman – how on earth did you decide?

Freeman was forced to turn down Peter Jackson’s offer of playing Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit, as he’d already agreed to 20 weeks filming the new series of Sherlock. Whether it was due to contractual obligations or simply because he had such a great times as John Watson in series one, Bilbo is still a massive part to give up. But then, he does get to spend the next 20 weeks solving fiendish murders in clever and witty ways, so lets not feel too sorry for him.

Jackson is apparently now planning to stage auditions in London, New York and Sydney to find a “hidden gem” to play the lead.

Did Freeman make the right choice? Tell us what you reckon…

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