MGM loses money on Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Despite cracking reviews, a killer soundtrack, an Oscar nomination for star Rooney Mara and having James Bond as a front-man, it looks like last year’s Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is actually going to make a loss. MGM has annouced that although the film took more than $230 million worldwide, it isn’t enough to make back the investments put into it. So does this mean no sequel?

According to The Wrap, MGM execs have apparently told investors that would only co-finance the next two sequels in the Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy if it can achieve “better economics.” In layman’s terms, we assume this means “if we spend less money next time”. It’s not exactly like they can inject any more commercial value into the project – it’s a franchise that already has David Fincher, Daniel Craig, Trent Reznor, Christopher Plummer and more written all over it, for goodness’ sake. So does this mean cutbacks on things like salary and set? And will the A-listers involved be quite so committed to the project if compromises have to be made? And considering Fincher hasn’t confirmed his commitment to the second two films ANYWAY, could all this mean the whole thing just collapses? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

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