Need for Speed film bags Kid Cudi

Hip-hop stars and their acting debuts; apparently we need more of them. Having just had Trey Songz’s oily six pack seared into our eyes thanks to Texas Chainsaw 3D, the next hip-hop artist to make his acting debut is Kid Cudi; set to star alongside Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul in Need for Speed. This is not Fast and Furious 7. It is in fact another street-racing film that somebody decided we don’t have enough of, based on the successful Need for Speed game franchise.

Aaron Paul will be leaving the much-loved Jesse Pinkman character behind to play a boy racer framed for the death of his friend and seeking revenge and solace by participating in a New York to Los Angeles street race. Kid Cudi will be a member of Paul’s crew, also gagging for speed. The film will hang onto that one shred of plot and then basically feature a couple of hours worth of car chases and a soundtrack featuring all of Kid Cudi’s discography. Which is, essentially, what the world wants more of.

DreamWorks is hoping to “capture the tone of 70s car-culture movies,” which probably means a lot of Instagramming. Are we in for the next Bullit, possibly even a Drive competitor? We’re going with a firm ‘no’, but what with Bad Boys II director Scott Waugh directing Need for Speed, we know we’ll be in for a few thrilling action sequences. But that’s about it.

Having said that, we at Best For Film are confident that two-time Emmy award winner Aaron Paul will add a level of class to Need for Speed; whether that’s enough to drag the film out of the streets/gutters is uncertain, but at least we can fantasise that it’s just Jesse Pinkman driving fast cars. Will Kid Cudi be the next Eminem, who let’s be honest, was pretty cool in 8 Mile? Let’s not judge until Need for Speed‘s release in 2014. Until then, satisfy your need for speed by watching the 600th Fast and Furious.

Are you a hip-hop star looking to make your first big break in movies? Take our advice; don’t.

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