New trailer for The Double

After years of screen-writing films such as Wanted and 3:10 to Yuma, Michael Brandt has not only written the screenplay for The Double, but has also tried his hand at directing it too. The film stars Richard Gere as a retired CIA agent who is forced to return to the field after the murder of a US senator. The murder bears the distinctive trademark of the very criminal Paul (Gere) has spent his career tracking down. Paul is convinced that his adversary is long dead, but rookie FBI agent Ben (Topher Grace) seems to think the mysterious mastermind has indeed resurfaced.

We are allowed mere seconds to ponder over these possibilities before the biggest twist of the bloody film is given away half way through the trailer! Urgh. It’s like One Day all over again.

Here’s hoping there are plenty more winding turns hiding within the plot.

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