One Direction in their very first teaser trailer

We all knew the day would come, and so it finally has. The first official teaser trailer for 1D in 3D has been released and we’ve already got hordes of screaming fan girls lined up outside our office. What to expect in the first ever One Direction documentary? Lots of brotherly love, one-on-one fan moments, heartbreaking long-distance conversations with their mums and the Irish one finally getting some of the limelight.

Check out the teaser trailer below and BRACE YOURSELVES:

Isn’t it great to see the film industry creating documentaries about quality musicians, raw talent and decent music?

Here’s what a One Direction fan had to say about seeing the lads in 3D (notice the great pun):

If that doesn’t do it for you, how about this fellow’s opinion (we literally have nothing else to say about this news story):

Whichever side you feel more compelled to join, just know that we don’t care. At least 1D in 3D has nothing to worry about at the box office; even if the only people that actually pay money to see this drivel are your little sister and her mates, it’ll still gross more than you can ever hope to earn in a lifetime.

Anyway, we’d rather watch this over and over again than face up to reality any more.

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