Preview: Kick Ass

So we’re off to watch Kick Ass on Monday, and we reckon it’s only fair that we give you the low-down on what the critics are saying about it so far, before we give our own (infinitely superior) opinion.

Kick Ass has already gained mega-cult status for its controversial characters (a foul mouthed 11 year old assassin?), its new take on the comic-book genre and its star-studded cast. So is it really going to be all it seems? This is what the big boys have to say about it.

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Empire: 5/5

“We’ve still no idea where the heck Kick-Ass came from, but we’re glad it did. A ridiculously entertaining, perfectly paced, ultra-violent cinematic rush that kicks the places other movies struggle to reach.”

The Guardian

“From beginning to end the film is a joy…It’s up there with Iron Man and The Dark Knight as one of those superhero movies that does so much right that it’d be churlish to even mention any shortcomings”

The Mirror

“Kick-Ass is a boundary-pushing comedy that doesn’t give a monkey’s who it offends, launching an unapologetic roundhouse kick into Middle England’s outraged, spluttering face.”

Den Of Geek: 5/5

“Even without seeing any others I’m tempted to guess that Kick-Ass is the best comic book movie of 2010, and in some respects it’s more consistently entertaining than even The Dark Knight.”


“Scenes of hilariously overstated violence perpetrated by an 11-year-old girl doubtless will discomfort many and incense quite a few. But this deservedly R-rated Lionsgate release should nonetheless score a knockout in theatrical and homevid venues.”


“The action and comedy are both vulgar but this vulgarity never seems forced. The film is just so much fun it’s hard not to just get swept up in it. At the press screening I attended there was even applause at some of the more outrageous moments and there was raucous laughter throughout.”

We tried to find a bad review. We really did. But the Daily Mail just doesn’t count, sorry. You’ll have to check back on Monday for our view, but we promise, hype or not, we’ll be cutting through any BS like an 11year with a switchblade…

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