Quentin Tarantino Strangles Diane Kruger

…for the purpose of a scene in Inglorious Basterds of course. Kruger, who plays the role of German spy Bridget von Hammersmark agreed to let the filmmaker strangle her on the set during a fight scene.

Tarantino recently revealed that in this brutal scene where Bridget is strangled, he insisted that the only way to make the struggle realistic was by choking the protagonist with his own bare hands.

He explained: “When you watch the film those are actually my hands that are on Diane Kruger’s throat strangling her. I made a deal with her early on.” Tarantino told her, “We’re gonna have to choke you iff it’s gonna actually work and I don’t trust anybody but myself to do it.'” Apparently Kruger didn’t trust anyone apart from Tarantino to do it either so she was up for it.

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