RED 2 trailer #2 feebly limps online

RED 2 has finally sniped a trailer into our hearts (and toilet bowls), serving a soft mashed goop of A-listers with a side of puréed lines as if it were amateur night at the local theatre. The validity of the first RED is actually in contention here at Digital BFF Towers, some claiming that RED is “actually rather good” while others maintain that RED is “pyrotechnic equivalent of stabbings in Hackney” (John Underwood, January 2012).

Whether you liked RED or not, all we’ve seen of RED 2 so far has not inspired a great deal of confidence. Now that Morgan Freeman is sort of dead (RED spoiler alert!) and Brian Cox has told the RED guys to shove it, we’ve been stuck with Anthony Hopkins, doing his best to bring down the tone of a film that had already hit rock bottom. Yeeeeeesh! At least Catherine Zeta-Jones looks at home making out with old wrinkled bags of bad acting (here’s looking at you, Bruce Willis.)

Still, Helen Mirren is still looking lovely and lethal, but even conceding that compliment feels like damning with faint praise. RED 2 might be good, but honestly, is anyone in any doubt that this film is just an excuse for these pensioners to hang out and get paid?

RED 2 drops the Zimmer frame on 2nd August in UK cinemas. What you you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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