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  • Red 2

    Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) is retired…again, and is finally enjoying the quiet life with Sarah Ross (Mary Louise-Parker). She’s having a tougher time getting over the excitement of international espionage, however, and is relieved when Marvin Boggs (John Malkovich) shows up with the news that their lives are once again in danger. The CIA have…

  • Side Effects

    Side Effects may cause drowsiness: Steven Soderbergh’s neo-noir cum psychological thriller is contagiously dreamy, until it evolves into a nightmare. It’s brilliant. If Soderbergh really is retiring, he’s certainly ended on a high. Side Effects encompasses some of the key themes he has explored throughout his career (it has the sex, it has the lies, it has the videotape) and forms a tribute to past cinema, channeling a Hitchcockian narrative, style and tone.

  • Broken City

    I have a headache. From the outset, Broken City had all the markings of a truly classic thriller: a stellar, academy-award recognized cast, a trailer that made it look gritty and intense and a premise that should have meant at least a few seat gripping moments and sharply veering twists. High hopes that amounted to a whole lot of nothing. Let the ranting begin…