Resident Evil: Retribution gets a teaser..

Remember the absolutely mint trailer for Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror? Remember how clever it was? Well, apparently the marketing team behind the latest Resident Evil: Re-Something (they’ve been so good at avoiding words beginning with ‘Re’ so far, sad face) thought so too. So much so that they’ve pinched the idea wholesale for their latest teaser. Have a look and you’ll see what we mean; also, prepare to spend the rest of your life wishing your name was Fang.

Alright, so it’s a savagely dumbed down interpretation, tacked on as a gimmick rather than having any actual relevance to the themes of the piece, but still, COME ON.

That said, what’s even more disquieting is that, despite one or two hilariously bad elements – the endless slo-mo, the face Jovovich makes in every single shot, whatsherface clearly struggling to climb the stairs in that ridiculous red dress – this teaser has kind of made us want to watch Resident Evil: Reconstituted. Look how many things there are happening on screen at once! Mega! And remember, Resident Evil: The Third One was actually pretty good fun. Colour us only slightly sceptical at this point.

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