With his slick, dark hair offsetting chiselled good looks, Jon Hamm’s super powers have previously been restricted making ladies swoon and men get jealous. Now, though, the actor is being endowed with ablities beyond his wildest dreams. Hamm – AKA Mad Men‘s rye swilling womanizer, Don Draper – is apparently being considered for the title role in a little Warner Bros. reboot, currently titled Superman: Man of Steel.

There’s no doubting Hamm would look the part in those blue tights, yet – as with all good superheroes – Krypton’s Last Son is a man of two halves. With the image of a suit clad Hamm firmly emblazoned in Draper’s suave swagger, would the king of 1960s cool be able to convince as quintessential uber geek, Clark Kent? Can a pair of thick-rimmed glasses really make us forget, or will the film be smarter than that?

With Christopher Nolan’s Batman story scribe David S. Goyer on scripting duties and ol’ Chris himself serving as creative advisor, this film could see a new approach to The Man of Tomorrow. With these men already having made us forget within about 5 minutes of The Dark Knight that The Joker never used to wear makeup, could Hamm help them to bring even a Kryptonian down to Earth? Keep watching the skies.

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