Toy Story is back!

…But you’ll only see it if you go watch the new Muppets film. As if we needed any more reason.

In a recent investor meeting, Disney announced that our favourite inanimate crew will be the stars of the short shown before the new muppet film The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made. This news was revealed at the same time ANOTHER Toy Story short was being shown – entitled Hawaiian Stay-Cation, it will be screened before Cars 2.

We’ve always been fans of the exquisite little Pixar shots (the word “dud” does not appear in the Pixar dictionary), and the idea that they’re willing to show them before films unrelated to Pixar is both exciting and a little strange. We just hope that this means more shorts of the same quality, rather than a diluted Pixar experience. But hey, have they ever let us down before? We’re pretty much willing to follow them blindly wherever they lead, as long as the words “Buzz” “Woody” and “Kermit-fest” are all part of the party.

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