Will Rooney Mara take on the Oldboy remake?

There’s apparently no getting away from the fact that more than 0 people want to see an Oldboy remake, so we might as well fill you in on the details. We know that Spike Lee is already on to direct, that Josh Brolin is starring and that Christian Bale may be taking on the role of the villain, and now the Eye of Speculation has turned to the business of finding a lead female. And things are looking rather rosy for Rooney “the other girl with the dragon tattoo” Mara.

The story broke this morning via Twitch film (and seeing as they successfully speculated the involvement of Lee and Brolin we can be fairly confident in their whimsies), and though they admit it’s still just at the rumour stage, we have to concede that it would be a fairly good shout. After December of this year Mara is going to be hotter than the obvious xmas tie-in gift “My First Tattooing Kit”, and it makes sense to lock her into big-budget projects sooner rather than later.

Does any of this – the reputable director, the rather sleek looking cast, the slow descent into inevitable, numbing acceptance – make up for the fact that we DO NOT NEED an Oldboy remake? Let us know what you think…

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