Chance Pe Chance

Chance Pe Chance is Bollywood’s answer to School of Rock…kind of. Struggling actor Sameer (Shahid Kapoor) works several jobs to keep on top of life’s expenses but soon realises that his ultimate dream is to star on the big screen.

When money becomes tight, Sameer decides to live in his car. He soon meets Tina (Genelia D’souza) a champion Bollywood movie choreographer who reassures him that with hard work his dreams can come true. Meanwhile Sameer gets involved in helping a group of young children prepare for a high profile dancing competition. Through Tina’s encouragement and the work with the children Sameer is well on his way to realising his dreams.

The plot of the film is quite predictable and gets quite boring very quickly and the script isn’t anything spectacular either. It’s a typical sob story of a poor man desperate for fame and, well, by some miracle gets it. Kapoor’s on-screen chemistry with D’Souza is believable at times but overall unconvincing.

Despite this, director Ken Ghosh has succeeded technically in terms of choreography. As far as the music goes the songs aren’t great but at least the lip-syncing is accurate.  Kapoor gives a brilliant performance and his moves are everything we expect from great Bollywood performers. In fact his fancy footwork is probably the only reason to watch this film. Overall Chance Pe Chance is not worth a chance.

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