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  • Top 5 London Summer Film Events

    What do you mean, you haven’t meticulously planned your summer around the amazing film events which are going on all over London? You’re not right, mate. Fortunately, we definitely have organised our getting-burnt-in-the-park sessions so they work around the special screenings we just can’t miss – and if you’re nice, you can peek in our diary.

  • Akira

    When Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira was released in 1988 it must have been something of a novelty; an ultra-violent, hyper-stylised, feature length cartoon for adults. Now re-released in cinemas some 20+ years later for an audience au fait with the wonder of Japanese animation it’s clearer than ever that novelty had nothing to do with the film’s success. Graphically restored and sonically remastered, it’s as staggering today as it ever was.

  • Top films to see in June 2011

    It’s summer time and with it comes lots of French people, live action anime, beautiful documentaries, college kids doing what they do, screechy high school girls, fighting pandas and much much more. Excited? I know I am.