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  • Cheat Sheet: Gwyneth Paltrow

    Gwyneth Paltrow will soon be back on our screens in Iron Man 3 – and she even gets to don the iconic metal suit this time. She’s pretty well known, but there’s got to be some stuff you didn’t know about her. Or maybe you know someone who has been living under a rock since 1989 and doesn’t know she is? Kindly refer this out-of-touch person to our cheat sheet that has everything you could ever need on Paltrow, and a lot of things you probably won’t need.

  • Monday Face/Off: Danny Dyer

    With bigamy-centric farce Run For Your Wife, widely tipped to be 2013’s worst film, on (very limited) release this week, Danny Dyer’s star has seldom been higher… although that’s not saying much, actually. But where do you stand on the great Dyer debate – is he a cheeky cockney chappie lending some much-needed levity to British cinema, or just a dreadful tossbag who should have been drowned as a child? We haven’t decided yet.

  • The Rise and Fall of a White Collar Hooligan

    Isn’t it about time they let people swear in Eastenders? Jeremy Paxman said f*ck on Newsnight, for that word’s sake – surely the green light for Dot Cotton to turn the air above Albert Square bright blue with an explicit stream of hitherto repressed profanity. Perhaps we’ll have to wait a while longer for that, but in the meantime there’s always The Rise and Fall of a White Collar Hooligan, a depressingly generic London crime caper that thinks it’s Lock Stock meets Goodfellas, but in reality more closely resembles the Sunday afternoon omnibus with added naughty words.

  • Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

    A character who happens to be called Sherlock Holmes, a character who happens to be called Dr Watson and a man who happens to be allowed to direct films have once again stumbled together in a sequel to the least faithful adaptation of all time. Still, it’s not as bad as the last one. Quite.